How to Crochet the Puff Stitch!

Hey, lovely! Are you ready to learn how to crochet a puff stitch?

Look no further. It’s rather simple as you can see and it makes for some really fun patterns.

I’ll hush for a minute so you can watch the video tutorial now.

I like to refer to this as a double crochet puff stitch… you can pull the loops up higher to the height of a triple crochet and then you’ll have a triple crochet puff stitch!

This stitch can be worked with any yarn and hook […]

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How to Twist a Hank / Skein of Hand-Dyed Yarn!

Hey, my lovely!

Have you ever gotten a skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn only to be unable to re-twist it properly?

Well, you are in luck! Today I am showing how to re-twist your hank! Woop woop!

Grab a skein of yarn and let’s get started!

This is a super handy technique to know if you’ll be buying any amount of hand-dyed yarn, so you can keep your skeins nice and tidy on the shelf.

Leave your skeins in the twisted hank format until you are ready to cast on your project. Then you’ll need to wind them into balls before beginning. […]

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How to Cable Without a Cable Needle

Ever wanted to make gorgeous cabled knitted items but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you don’t enjoy the slow process of using a cable needle.

Have no fear! My tutorial is here!

Learn how to cable WITHOUT a cable needle.

-It’s FAST.
-It’s easy to learn.
-Can be used with virtually any variety of cables, yarn types or needle sizes.

Holler at me in the comments below with your ideas for future videos.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!


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A Year’s Worth of Crocheting

We often buzz through life so quickly that we fail to appreciate all the things we’ve accomplished and become.

I was a bit blue the other day when I realized just what a tremendous year I’ve had. I’d love to give you a quick sum of my crochet projects here. I’ll be doing a knitted version and more soon too.

I’m so inspired now to plan out next year!

I’ll link over to everything, in case you want to check anything out further. Most items have tutorials for you to follow along.

(Also, some projects didn’t make the cut. Either I didn’t take pictures […]

How to Change Colors in Knitting or Crocheting

I get asked this question a LOT….

“Chandi, how do I change colors in my knitting (crocheting)?”

It’s so easy.

Knitting is super simple as you just drop the old color and pick up the new. I do give some tips on whether to cut your ends or pull them up the side.

And with crocheting, you just have one little trick to remember.

So have a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you want to see my future videos, you can subscribe to my channel. But only if you wanna. Ha ha!

Hope you enjoy it. We […]

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How to Dye a Gradient/Ombre Scarf or Shawl


How to Make a Gradient Dip-Dyed Shawl, Scarf or Wrap

how to gradient dip dye a shawl or scarf

how to dip dye a gradient shawl

I have been wanting to show you this since Christmas, as it was a present I made for my mom. But you know how time can just get away from you and things get pushed to the back burner.

Well, no more! I love this gradient shawl so much that I had to stop everything today and finally get a […]

A Finished Broomstick Lace Cami

Something wasn’t right.

I had just tried on my almost-finished Cowl Cami I’d been making and something felt “off.”

It sagged weirdly in the front but when I turned around, it looked lopsided in the back.

I couldn’t quite make sense of it.

And then I saw it. One of the straps was longer than the other. “What?!” I cried in despair.

“How could this be?”

Well, I’ll tell you how this could be. I miscounted the stitches at the beginning of the pattern, that’s what.

Such a beautiful, well-written pattern, with loads of helpful photos and links to videos and I STILL messed up. Egad.

I debated […]

How I Gained 5,000 Facebook Likers in a Month

And how you can too.

I posed a question on my facebook page, asking if any of you would be interested in knowing how I gathered nearly 5000 page likers in a month. (After that, I had a day where I gained nearly 1,500 in about 24 hours).

If you have a craft business or other type of business, I think this might be helpful for you. After all, if you are creating something amazing and know in your heart it provides a service to others (brings them joy, is an amazing product, etc) then why not dream big? Why […]

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How to Block a Knitted or Crocheted Shawl

How To Block A Knitted or Crocheted Shawl

If you’ve ever knitted or crocheted a shawl, you may have noticed it needs a little help after completion.

As I showed in the last post, I finished crocheting the lovely Neptune’s Tears crocheted shawl pattern.

But, as you can see, right when I finished, it looked like this:





Lovely, but wrinkly.

So what’s a crafter to do?

I’ll tell ya! Blocking. Blocking is the process of using water or steam to shape and set your garment. You might be familiar with blocking […]

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How To Save Big on Crafting Supplies

How To Save Big on Crafting Supplies


I’m going to give you some tips today on how to save big on crafting supplies and womanly things (fashion, accessories, etc).


So, I’m on vacation in Arkansas, with my beautiful ma, pa and sis. (By the way, if you are into shabby chic decorating, throwing parties or need to give a baby shower, click any of those links to be taken to my sis’s glorious sites about each topic. She really is amazing with all of that […]

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