The Power of Focus

Sweater News:

Well, lemme tell ya.

I am almost done with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan. Which, due to the Glass Blue color, is more like a “Bright and Clear” Cardigan. 🙂

I finished the sleeves earlier this week while watching Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve now picked up stitches all the way around the front and collar (while watching Sense and Sensibility).

Whew. The end is in sight.

I’m not revealing yet what I’ve decided on the collar, but will tell you next time.  (He he he.. *rubs hands together with a sneaky grin on face)

I am BLOWN AWAY by the number of responses (240 […]

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I Just Don’t Know…

Oh, I just don’t know.

I’m torn.

I am nearly finished with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan.

I have shoved aside all other projects (I still love you, Other Projects, and shall return to complete you in due time!) to finish this one.

Fall is here. In fact, we’re covered in SNOW and it’s cold. Understatement. I am ready to make fall accessories. Hats. Mittens. Scarves.

This sweater must be completed.


It’s meant to have a shawl collar and I just don’t know if I’m into that anymore.

Here is what it’s “supposed” to look like:

dark and stormy cardigan pattern

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Sweater Progress and Lean Mean Weaving Machine

Well, well, well. I hope your week is going GUH-REAT!

I have news.

So I’ll get right to it!


I am finished with the body of my cardigan! Woo HOOOOO!! In case you missed my last post about this cardigan, I am making the Dark and Stormy Cardigan by Thea Colman using my superwash merino wool in colorway GLASS BLUE. Supposedly I’ll need 6 skeins, but we shall see. (Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic!)

dark and stormy cardigan progress

I am loving it, truly, so far.

Thoughts and notes:

-I did a […]

The Start of Something Great

It has begun. The cables. The color. The excitement. It’s all so delicious.

I searched and SEARCHED for my next sweater pattern and just couldn’t decide. I DO want to make this gorgeous lil’ baby (The Nordic Cardigan):

nordic cardigan knitting pattern

…but am waiting on my shipment of cashmere/silk yarn (yes, you heard me…right this red hot minute I’ve got some beautiful, sumptuous cashmere/silk being spun up for us in the mill) to dye up into a similar charcoal shade … and then I’ll attempt it.

But for now I’m […]

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A Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan – Finished!

I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time I was knitting this sweater.

I just knew it wasn’t going to fit.

I was on vacation when I started it, so didn’t do a gauge swatch or have my body form to try it on, so it was just a big guessing game.

Not to mention I opted to make the extra small, when I should have made the small, according to my measurements. YIKES.

It was wayyyyy too small; I just felt it in my bones.

I finished it just so I could get ‘er done and get started on my next sweater. […]

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A Finished Object – “Simplest Sweater” Knitted Pattern

I finished this sweater in no time flat! Practically. And loved every minute of it.

simplest sweater pattern free

PATTERN: Simplest Sweater on Ravelry.

YARN: 3 skeins of my Superwash Merino Wool in Worsted Weight, colorway Milky Way Galaxy. It might be sold out by the time you read this, but check back often as I list new colors every few days!

NEEDLES: US Size 10 for the body, US Size 9 for the sleeves.


•I opted for 1×1 ribbing instead of letting the edges curl like the pattern called […]

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