Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

A beautiful new crochet pullover pattern design for you! Introducing CATIACatia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

A comfy, oversized design for cozying up in during chilly weather and relaxing by the fire!Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

Why You’ll Love this Sweater Pattern:

I have always loved slouchy and […]

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Tadaima Knitted Cardigan Pattern

I love the Japanese call and response that takes place when someone returns home at the end of the day. If someone else is already at home, they usually greet the returnee with the phrase, “okaerinasai,” or just “okaeri,” which is usually translated as “welcome home,” or “welcome back.” The returnee answers with, “tadaima,” which usually translates as “I’m home,” or “I’m back.” It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it in English, but I love the sentiment. I named this pattern Tadaima because, to me, wearing it is like being greeted upon returning home at […]

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Campside Cardi – I finished knitting a sweater!

Oh My Goodness. Welcome! Thanks for popping over!

Here, have a coffee and sit a bit as I have some things to tell ya!

First, let’s talk about this gorgeous sweater.

    1. No, it’s not my design. It’s Alicia Plummer’s Campside Cardi. This pattern was a pure joy to knit. Took me a couple weeks. Fairly straight-forward. Easy to memorize sections. Not too boring. Nothing complex. Really, my type of pattern.
    2. I used exactly 3 skeins of my Alpaca Silk Dk yarn in colorway: Pewter. Pewter is a warm toffee gray. Perfect for those […]
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A Year’s Worth of Knitting

With the year’s end drawing close, I thought it’d be a hoot to look back over all the projects I’ve completed this year and put up a list for you, complete with links.

If you missed the crochet version, well, you can just open up that page and check that out here.

But this page is all about the knitting.

I sometimes feel like a weirdo, but I love both knitting and crocheting equally. They’re good for different things.

Personally, I crochet when I’m in the mood for: Speed (like blankets, rugs), structure (like a hat with a brim or that isn’t […]

A Year’s Worth of Crocheting

We often buzz through life so quickly that we fail to appreciate all the things we’ve accomplished and become.

I was a bit blue the other day when I realized just what a tremendous year I’ve had. I’d love to give you a quick sum of my crochet projects here. I’ll be doing a knitted version and more soon too.

I’m so inspired now to plan out next year!

I’ll link over to everything, in case you want to check anything out further. Most items have tutorials for you to follow along.

(Also, some projects didn’t make the cut. Either I didn’t take pictures […]

Traveling Cardigan – (Finally) Finished Object!

Oh goody gumballs! You made it! Welcome, welcome.

Good news! I finished my sweater.


If you’ve ever knit or crocheted a sweater, you know the ultra-joy/ecstasy you feel when you finally work that lassssst stitch and then weave in your ends and BOOM! You’re DONE!!!

WHOA!! It makes you think…If I can do this, I can do ANYTHING!

What a rush.

So the hubs and I found this great park here in Charlotte, called Freedom Park. Holy goodness. It’s beautiful. In fact, everything in Charlotte is just so… pretty. The trees are pretty. The grocery stores […]

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Chevron Lace Cardigan ~ Finished Object ~ IN LOVE!

Well, HELLO!!

I hope this post finds you well today! I wanted to tell you about my new sweatah!

I have to say… I’ve made a few sweaters before (knitted not crocheted) and haven’t worn them (much). I loved making them (for the most part), really liked the final results… attempted to wear them…. and ended up not. (Well, maybe once or twice… okay okay). 🙂

But I just finished up this gorgeous Chevron Lace Cardigan (which is a free pattern on Ravelry) and have already worn it and have gotten tons of compliments! I AM IN LOVE!

Okay, first of all, if […]

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Dark and Stormy Cardigan – Finished Object

Woop woop!!!

I totally finished the Dark and Stormy Cardigan, as you may know, but just haven’t gotten official photos for you yet.

So I snapped some today (yay for self timer!) and wanted to show you:

dark and stormy cardigan sweater

PATTERN: Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman

YARN: My Glass Blue Superwash Merino Wool in worsted weight… this colorway pops on the scene from time to time, but you can see all the other colors I have in this yarn base here.

NEEDLES: US 4 (3.5 mm) I know, I know, […]

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The Power of Focus

Sweater News:

Well, lemme tell ya.

I am almost done with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan. Which, due to the Glass Blue color, is more like a “Bright and Clear” Cardigan. 🙂

I finished the sleeves earlier this week while watching Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve now picked up stitches all the way around the front and collar (while watching Sense and Sensibility).

Whew. The end is in sight.

I’m not revealing yet what I’ve decided on the collar, but will tell you next time.  (He he he.. *rubs hands together with a sneaky grin on face)

I am BLOWN AWAY by the number of responses (240 […]

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I Just Don’t Know…

Oh, I just don’t know.

I’m torn.

I am nearly finished with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan.

I have shoved aside all other projects (I still love you, Other Projects, and shall return to complete you in due time!) to finish this one.

Fall is here. In fact, we’re covered in SNOW and it’s cold. Understatement. I am ready to make fall accessories. Hats. Mittens. Scarves.

This sweater must be completed.


It’s meant to have a shawl collar and I just don’t know if I’m into that anymore.

Here is what it’s “supposed” to look like:

dark and stormy cardigan pattern

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