New! Reversible Ribbed Crocheted Scarf Pattern

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New! Reversible Ribbed Crocheted Scarf Pattern

Here is another cool pattern for ya! It’s easy. It’s quick. And yet eye-catching. Perfect!

I stood by my dad’s wood pile and just loved it as a backdrop:


So, as promised in the previous post showing off my gorgeous hand-spun yarn process, here is the super cool, funky and awesome crocheted scarf pattern! I promise it is quite easy and even a beginner can do it. I really adore patterns that look really neat but are very simple and almost mindless. My favorite! So let’s get started.

In The Spinning Mood…

“To create is to live.” -Me

Last week, I suddenly had the irrepressible urge to spin something! I decided to do this cool 3-ply spinning technique and couldn’t wait to see if the colors matched up once plied!

So I dug this gorgeous wool/silk blend roving out from the bottom of my roving stash (one of many such stashes!):


I then divided it into 3 “equal” parts, lengthwise:


I spun each one onto its own separate bobbin:



I ended up with […]

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How to Maintain Strong, Flexible Wrists for Knitting

I posted a question on twitter a few weeks ago, asking: “Do you have any techniques for keeping your wrists strong and feeling great through endless days of knitting?”

So from responses there, as well as personal experience, I have found a few things that might prove helpful for you.

A bit of background on why this subject is personal for me:

About 2 summers ago I knitted a silk hat for 10 hours straight, with super tight stitches and very grippy, wooden needles. I felt it hurting but continued on as I had never experienced any pain from crafting before and didn’t […]

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Zen Yarn Spinning

Zen Yarn Spinning

I decided the other day to try Zen Yarn Spinning. This is a type of spinning where you sink into the moment and just be. You. The fiber. The wheel. Peace.

It was glorious!

I used some luscious roving from Sweet Georgia club of the month (from about a year ago. I don’t remember the color name or the type of fiber, but it looks like wool blended with either silk or bamboo).

I plan on making two arm warmers with this, so I split the entire length of fiber in […]

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Hand-Spun Qiviut is Like Heaven

Oh, wow.

A few months ago, I purchased some qiviut down at my local yarn store. Qiviut is the down fur from the underbelly of the Arctic Musk Ox. We actually have a musk ox farm nearby and I have seen these lovely beauties in person! Aren’t they precious?

arctic musk ox animal

I began spinning it on my gorgeous Lendrum Saxony wheel back in April, but then set it aside for other projects.

Here’s my lovely wheel:

lendrum saxony spinning wheel

A week or […]

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