How to Make a Tiny Hat Ornament With Yarn

If you’ve ever wondered how to make these adorable little hat ornaments, wonder no more.



•Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll


•Something to wrap the yarn around (I used my phone) – optional

how to make toilet paper towel roll tiny hat yarn ornament for Christmas

Have a watch:

Pretty darn easy, eh?

This is great to use up scraps of yarn. I can imagine a tree full of them!

Make one in every color!

Make them with your kids!

Make a garland of them if you want. how to [...]</p srcset=

Free Knitted Fisherman’s Rib Slouchy Hat Pattern

Not every knitted item turns out the way you plan.

This hat, for example, is not at all what I was expecting.

My niece, Shelby, wanted a matching hat set for her and her baby, Bailey, and so I set to work learning fisherman’s rib and began knitting away!

I’d never worked fisherman’s rib but thought, hey, how hard can it be? I’ll just whip out my own pattern. Ha! Probably not a great idea when you’re not familiar with a stitch.

I kept thinking, ‘Is this going to be too big? It should fit. It seems kinda big. It’s definitely pretty big. No. It […]

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A Year’s Worth of Knitting

With the year’s end drawing close, I thought it’d be a hoot to look back over all the projects I’ve completed this year and put up a list for you, complete with links.

If you missed the crochet version, well, you can just open up that page and check that out here.

But this page is all about the knitting.

I sometimes feel like a weirdo, but I love both knitting and crocheting equally. They’re good for different things.

Personally, I crochet when I’m in the mood for: Speed (like blankets, rugs), structure (like a hat with a brim or that isn’t […]

How to Crochet a Self-Striping Infinity Scarf – The EASY WAY!

Well, hellllo.

I am thrilled, delighted and tickled pink that you’re here right now.

I have the coolest thing to show you. How to take your favorite hand-painted yarn and create this awesome self-striping infinity scarf/cowl. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’ve ever used hand-painted yarns before, or even if you haven’t, you might know that the colors are usually dyed in short bursts.

So you get a mottled, variegated look when using them. Usually. But not today!!! Today we’re going to coax those colors to line up and create stripes! Are you excited yet?

I show you how in the video, along with one […]

How to Arm Knit – Arm Knitting for the Clueless!

Even if you have no idea how to knit, you can arm knit! (And yes, it is ACTUALLY knitting… it’s basically the same thing as knitting with needles, with just a couple modifications). So if you learn to arm knit, you’re well on your way to learning to really knit! Woop woop!

Why learn arm knitting?

  • It’s easy!
  • It’s quick.
  • It’s fun!

Ha ha! Need more reasons?

  • You can whip out a last-minute gift in about 30 minutes flat and say, “I made this!”
  • Great for beginners!
  • You can finally mark “learn to knit” off your New Year’s Resolutions. Hurray!
  • And like I mentioned, it’s practically the same as […]

•Crocheted CALM COWL – Finished Object!

calm cowl finished object

I finished crocheting this gorgeous Calm Cowl and just had to tell you about it!

YARN: I used my Shimmering Cashmere yarn… isn’t it scrumptious? So shimmery, due to the silk, and butter soft, from the cashmere. The shine, the richness of the colors… so REDONK! (I held all the yarn double)

-The black is some scrap yarn I had.

-The cream color is this yarn undyed. (If you’d like me to list some natural/undyed versions of my yarn, let me know!) Less […]


Well, hello and howdy do!

We are back from Maui and oh, wow, did we have the time of our lives!! Maui is amazing, the wedding was spectacular and every day was like a dream….

What’s that? Where’s the pictures, you ask?

Oh, just you wait!! I am working on a blog post with TONS of gorgeous photos, in which I’ll give you the whole, delicious scoop!

So I realized, what with the holidays and then our trip, I haven’t been getting much at ALL done for YOU!

So I am back in the groove and rollin’.

SOOO many goodies coming up.

For today, I’ve got 2 […]

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The Power of Focus

Sweater News:

Well, lemme tell ya.

I am almost done with my Dark and Stormy Cardigan. Which, due to the Glass Blue color, is more like a “Bright and Clear” Cardigan. 🙂

I finished the sleeves earlier this week while watching Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve now picked up stitches all the way around the front and collar (while watching Sense and Sensibility).

Whew. The end is in sight.

I’m not revealing yet what I’ve decided on the collar, but will tell you next time.  (He he he.. *rubs hands together with a sneaky grin on face)

I am BLOWN AWAY by the number of responses (240 […]

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Sweater Progress and Lean Mean Weaving Machine

Well, well, well. I hope your week is going GUH-REAT!

I have news.

So I’ll get right to it!


I am finished with the body of my cardigan! Woo HOOOOO!! In case you missed my last post about this cardigan, I am making the Dark and Stormy Cardigan by Thea Colman using my superwash merino wool in colorway GLASS BLUE. Supposedly I’ll need 6 skeins, but we shall see. (Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic!)

dark and stormy cardigan progress

I am loving it, truly, so far.

Thoughts and notes:

-I did a […]

New Silk Yarn!

Today’s post will be brief!

1. New items this week!



(Photo above)


hand-dyed silk yarn


(I listed tons and they keep selling out almost immediately. Please like and check my facebook page often to keep up with postings, as I announce them there first)

2. I will continue listing more (LOTS!) in the coming weeks!

3. I am still looking for a living/working space! I’ve had the time of my life scouting around town, calling every place that seems feasible, viewing them, exhausting myself, etc. It’s GLORIOUS […]

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