• How to Make a FUN and FUNKY Felted Journal Cover!

I got the idea into my head to make a felted journal cover. I had seen some on Pinterest and thought, HEY! I can do that!

So I proceeded to Google it and Youtube it and here is what I made!

how to make a felted journal cover

Isn’t it scrumptious as all get out?

I am WILD about it.

If you too would love to be the owner of such a gem, here is what I did to make it:

1. Buy a journal. Mine was a plain, hard-cover, spiral artist’s pad from Joann’s Fabrics.

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Why I Love Knitting

♥ ♥ ♥

“Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart.”
~Henry Ward Beecher~

As it’s the day to celebrate love, and this is a knitting blog, I wanted to share with you the reasons I love knitting. But first, a story of how I came to knit…

I was driving along one day with my mom and sis and saw the neatest little yarn shop with such a cute window display. Although I had crocheted since I was 9, I had never successfully learned to knit. I had always wanted to, but […]

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Thrummed Mittens – How To

Thrummed Mittens – How To

I’ve been wanting to make thrummed mittens for months now!

So I spun some wool about 2 years ago (can’t remember what kind it is) into a thick, bulky double:

bulky handspun wool yarn

That picture was taken after I dyed it, but it was originally a pale heather brown. I dyed it charcoal gray with my professional acid dyes, since I wear mostly blacks and grays, not browns:

brown wool being dyed
gray [...]</p srcset=

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Random Yarn-Dyeing and Crocheting Updates

A few random updates about my latest yarn dyeing and crocheting adventures!

•Above, you can see me on one of our rare, Alaskan sunny days, examining my self-striping sock yarn that I had dyed the day before. I plan on winding it into a ball today and plopping it onto my Ultimate Sweater Machine and seeing how the stripes turn out. Then I’ll probably rip it out to make socks with it, or list it in my etsy store.


•Secondly, above, you can see I’m […]

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