Why We’re Leaving Alaska

Oh good. You’re here.

I was worried you wouldn’t come.

I have news! Juicy news.

Grab a hot tea and settle in for a listen.

We’re moving. Not just down the street. 4,300 miles away.

It’s true.

The hubs and I are packing up all our worldly goods (which means basically clothes and yarn as we’re giving most everything else away to family and friends) and heading for the south.

We’re saying good-bye to Fairbanks, Alaska in favor of a warmer, sunnier climate. North Carolina.

It’s funny. I get many, many emails from lovely peeps who are fascinated that we live in Alaska. It seems to be the […]

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A Dream Come True… Our Trip to Maui

There was a time in my life when I only dreamed of going on exotic vacations. I used to imagine sitting on a beach, the hazy sun fading behind the horizon… people quietly strolling by.

I’d imagine standing next to the vast and powerful ocean at midnight, the moon smiling down on me and glittering off the water.

I’d picture myself dancing slowly at night with my man, to a live band, out on the beach…

Fruity drinks with pineapples and umbrellas in them.

But for one reason or another, I just didn’t go. Year after year. What if this happened? What if that? […]

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Wedding Shredding

That’s a blurry selfie of me in the gym today! As mentioned in my last post, I have to lose about 5 lbs to fit comfortably into my wedding dress.

I have been wanting to lose about that much since the beginning of this year… and I keep losing hope and giving up.

So I’m determined this time.

And I need your help!

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Working out 5-6 days a week, focusing primarily on building muscle, rather than cardio, but will add in cardio come December
  • Cutting out all sugar and grains
  • Eating mainly meats, veggies, healthy fats
  • Drinking lots of a water with […]
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My Dress Mess

I realized I haven’t been keeping you updated on the wedding plans!

It’s less than 2 months to the big day!

It’ll be in Maui (yes, we’re getting Maui’ed in Maui!) and I hired a wedding coordinator to take care of everything, including the photography, etc.

Anna Kim will be our photographer. Her stuff is amazing! I’m so excited for her to be taking our photos!

We’ll just be on the beach, us two, with the sunset behind us. At least, that’s how I envision it!

And about my dress!


I cannot even begin to you what I’ve been through with dresses!!

I’ll try to relay the […]

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Why I Quit Knitting

Why I Quit Knitting

Ya. I quit knitting.

I said to myself, “I am never knitting again!”

My heart was breaking and I felt like a limp rag, thrown into a busy city street and trampled on.

I had just cleaned out about 10-12 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, etc, and took them to Value Village.

Included in that pile of stuff was an entire garbage bag filled with my hand-knit and crocheted items.

I briefly thought about selling them (but I had already worn them many times and that just seemed weird), or giving to friends (but again, I’d already worn them and that […]

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20 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

I got tagged on Instagram to tell 20 things and I thought it would be easier to type them out on my blog than peck away on my phone. So here you go, just for fun:

20 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

1. My favorite time of day is early mornings. I clutch my steaming cup of coffee or tea, curl up in my chair and stare out the window. I feel as if the whole world is a loving place, full of adventure, trust and potential. My heart swells when I see the sky begin to light up and […]

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I am HOME!

WOO! I am back from vacation and so tickled to pieces.

I LOVE vacation, but I LOVE coming home just as much.

I spent today getting everything unpacked, resorted, clothes thrown out of the closet and taken to Value Village, a few loving pats to my yarn (it was starting to get worried, thinking I’d never return), realized I put on 4 lbs while away and basically settled in.

So here is a quick recap of my vacation! (Plus my BIG NEWS!!)

  • Flew to Portland, Oregon
  • Rented a car
  • Stayed in the Hyatt Place hotel
  • Knitted on the Gap-tastic cowl
  • Went to the Oregon Zoo
  • Shopped like you cannot […]

Why I Do What I Do – Musings of a Yarn Dyer

I get asked a lot… How did you get started in the yarn business? What made you think of it? How did you learn to dye yarn, etc?

So here’s the answer, which may surprise you.

I like to think of it as “going with the flow.”

I’ve crocheted since I was 9, but just started knitting a few years ago when I was 27.

I loved it SOOO much that I would sit and knit for hours on end, attempting to be as quick and amazing as the Yarn Harlot, Cat Bordhi, Wendy Johnson and many MANY others.

It was a sad time in […]

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4 Reasons Why Yarn Changes Reality As We Know It

As I’ve put in a great many hours of knitting and crocheting and spinning in my lifetime (thousands upon thousands), a few things seem to recur… perhaps it’s just me, but I had to share:


1. WARPS TIME. Yes, indeedy. Have you ever had the experience where you sit down to knit a row (or crochet) and you look up and 3 hours have passed and it felt like 10 minutes? Happens to me all the time.

Or how about this: You work on your project until you’re blue in the face, for many agonizing hours (usually it’s those pesky patterns that make no […]

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My Flooded Studio and Sales for You!

I stopped by my yarn studio the other night, unlocked the door, stepped in and heard “Kshhhh!!!!”

What on earth? As it turned out, a pipe had frozen and busted and when it warmed back up, water began gushing out of it and flooded the entire building with several inches of water… Paint in the downstairs walls and ceiling (and yes, my studio) was bubbled and dripping.

It was raining in my studio. It was like a huge, shallow swimming pool.

I shut the water off and immediately called several people (my brother and the guy who takes care of the place) and […]

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