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Resolutions not working? Feeling lost? Try this.

Have you ever set a goal, determined you were going to make it work this time no matter what and then… life got in the way and it never happened?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight and a few weeks into going to the gym, you get sick and skip a week and then… never go back.

Maybe you want to read more books this year or start a business or change jobs or do more community work… and then… life.

And then usually, you feel like a failure. You’re disappointed in yourself. You determine that you’ll try again next week. You’ll […]

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Top 5 Books of 2016

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE reading. I mean… love it. You have a stack of books at all times ready to be devoured.

Reading is incredible.

You can step into a new world without ever leaving your home.

I thought a nice little compilation of my favorite books from this year would be a great idea and hopefully give you some juicy reading fodder.

These are not in order as that would be just WILD to try and do, but these stand out as the Top 5 Books I Read in 2016:

1. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

You Don’t Have to Invent the Wheel

I’m usually a pretty quiet person, especially when meeting new people.

But if you start talking about business, I light up like a glowworm and won’t shut up.

It’s a fascinating subject and something I live and breathe daily. I’ve been running online businesses since I was 21-22.

For anybody wanting to start an online business, here is a tip:

You Don’t Have to Invent the Wheel (it’s already been invented. Hurray!)

Everytime we (the hubby and I) tell people what we do for a living, it 99.99% of the time goes like this:

Some person: What do you guys do for a living?

Us: We […]

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A Chill Pill.

I took one.

I’ve lived 35 years on this planet. Most of those have been spent in fear. Anxiety has been a pretty consistent “friend.”

But then… something changed.

Imagine for a minute that you have a dream. Something you’ve wanted for a very, very long time. In fact, it’s so grand and inspiring that you don’t think it’s even possible.

But then it happens.

This happened to me back in June. I can’t say exactly what, but I felt like I had crested a hill in life. Things came true that I didn’t think ever really would. I was amazed. It […]

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On Having a Voice…

What is today, what makes it special and why am I writing on this day?

It’s not New Year’s, is it? You know, when everybody starts new stuff and is all excited for the freshness of it all. Out with the old. In with the new. Nope.

Is it November 1st when people usually start their “things I’m grateful for” lists? Lemme check. Nope.

Is it my birthday? Nada. Already passed.

So what’s today?

Nothing special. Except it’s EVERYTHING.

Today is all I have. And all I will ever have.

You will never feel ready for that thing you […]

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In case you’ve forgotten…

Well, hello there!

I’m so glad you popped in for a visit.

You may have forgotten something really, really important. I forget it sometimes. We all do.

Have you ever felt directionless? Blah? Not sure where your life is going to go from this point?

Which road should you take? How do you know where to jump and when to keep your feet planted?

Are you even needed on this planet? Do you have a gift you can offer the world?

Are you worth anything? Do you even matter?

Have you seen all the successful people online and thought… “Wow. What am I doing wrong? They have […]

New Haircut. New Me. New Projects.

The decision to cut my hair was quick and firm.

Tim was finally feeling better after a terrible bout of allergies and had rekindled his love of fashion and all things style and was researching it all online.

I was so inspired.

It hit me in an instant.

I knew right then and there I wanted to make a change. A big one!

“What think you of me getting a bob?”

“Do it,” he said.

So I pinterested and pinterested and came upon many examples I loved of both cut and color.

Made an appointment for the very next day and lollied up in that salon.

“A choppy […]

Business Planning

Welcome, welcome. Grab a cup o’ tea and let’s have a chit chat.

The hubby and I went to Austin over the holidays to plan out Expression Fiber Arts 2016. Yes, we actually planned out the whole year.

We are just a small startup company of course, but we broke everything down into categories: finances, marketing, customer service and operations. And then proceeded to fill in all the blanks.

We procured the most awesomest of hotels (seriously, my fave hotel EVER and I’ve stayed in a lot: W Austin) and proceeded to hole up in the room or by the fire in […]

It’s Scary. Do it Anyway.

“I would rather DIE than be doing this,” I thought to myself.

Overdramatic, extremist and hyperbolic as usual.

I was driving to talk to an accountant for my budding yarn business and was petrified.

This was a few years back when I was just getting started.

I needed an accountant. To continue on with my dream of growing my lil’ baby biz, I NEEDED an accountant.

But for whatever insane reason, my mind had created the idea that accountants were mean, old men plopped behind their massive desks, glaring at me through beady, suspicious eyes. Think, Jabba the Hutt.

I was sure I’d be interrogated, […]

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Settling in…

We are moved. We are unpacked. We are settled.

We are first-time home buyers. It’s scary. And exciting. We’re finding all the cool places we love to eat/hang out close to the new house.

I am finally feeling back in the groove of normalcy. For the most part.

Loving all the giant Charlotte trees. They are massive and glorious.

cool houses charlotte north carolina

Caught in the act! Blogging at Barnes and Noble.

chandi agee about town

And as I promised myself, I’m finally getting back into working […]

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