Flutterby Barefoot Crochet Sandals Pattern

A new crochet pattern for you: Flutterby Barefoot Sandals.

First of all, what in the hay are barefoot sandals?

These are cool for wearing to the beach or a festival but also awesome to give to a bride on her special day. After she’s worn her fancy heels for the ceremony, these are awesome to slip on for the reception and dancing! Still beautiful but oh so comfortable.

how to crochet these "flutterby" crochet barefoot sandals

The pattern is fairly straightforward (intermediate level) and resembles a butterfly.

They’ll fit a variety of foot sizes and […]

How To Make a Yarn-Inspired Zentangle Clay Bracelet

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

It’s the start of another new week and I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share this cool bracelet I made yesterday as well as updates on my vacation starting Wednesday!

Zentangle Yarn-Inspired Clay Bracelet

I had a free day yesterday and so decided to make this bracelet from 10 cent air-dry clay I had purchased at a yard sale. Hurray for deals! Clay in all its forms is another of my passions, aside from fiber/yarn things and it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with it.

Step 1:

I formed little hearts by pressing them into a heart-shaped 1/4 […]

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New Knitted Hat and AWESOME Yarn Ball Necklace

♥ ♥ ♥

“If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only interesting ones.” -Vadim Kotelnikov

Welcome welcome! I’ve been anxious to get back to the blog, even though I’m technically on vacation. I have much to share!

First up:

I spun up this soft wool/alpaca yarn from a Hanks in the Hood batt:


It’s a rich deep green with soft brown flecks in it. OOOOhhhwweeee! Warm and cozy!!

Pattern: Turn a Square Hat by Jared Flood (Yes, another one! Click here and here to see more I’ve made)
Yarn: […]

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Quick Post on Homemade Crocheted Earrings!

Here’s a quick post for you of the homemade crocheted earrings I made recently.

1. I crocheted a basic little circle motif. Patterns for these abound online and in books. Honestly, I just made the pattern up as I went.

2. I changed colors every round, getting progressively darker. This is optional.

3. Once finished, I used one of the ends to attach an earring piece from Joann’s, and then wove all the ends in.

4. I soaked them in Elmer’s glue mixed with water.

5. I sprinkled turquoise glitter onto them.

6. I pinned them onto a paper plate to dry.

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Hammered Crocheted Wire Earrings

These hammered crocheted wire earrings were …interesting to create.

For starters, I used regular wire, not nylon-coated jewelry wire, which is easier.

So it was a little rough on my hands. I did, however, discover some tips I’ll share with you here, which might assist you, should you decide to make some for yourself.

1. I chained 6 and joined with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.
2. I then chained 2 and then worked about 20 double crochets into the ring. I didn’t count, actually.
3. I then strung the earring attachment onto the end, tucked in both the […]

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How To Crochet Wire Jewelry

How to Crochet Wire Jewelry

This is super simple and quick. I’m going to assume in this tutorial that you already know the basics of crochet, including how to create a slip knot, slip stitch and chain stitch. If not, there are many YouTube videos on how to do these things, or I could create some tutorials if you like. Just let me know, as I’m already considering doing so!

The essence of what I’m doing here is just chaining and occasionally sliding a bead down and continuing to chain. Easy.

So here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to crochet wire jewelry:

Start […]

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Crocheting Wire Jewelry

I’ve decided to try crocheting jewelry with wire!! I tested out just doing a chain stitch with some beads and it looks awesome! So I’m thinking of doing a tutorial on how to do this soon. If you’re interested, let me know!!

Basically I strung several beads onto the wire first. This is a nylon wire, specifically for jewelry-making. Then I used a size 0 crochet hook and created a slip knot. Then I just did a simple crochet chain stitch, and slid a bead down next to the chain every few stitches. I’m thinking it would be really easy to […]

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