How to Block Your Finished Knitted and Crochet Projects

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So you’ve finished making that awesome knitted or crocheted piece but it looks a bit…lacking? Maybe a little rumpled? The lace or eyelets aren’t showing up very well?

It needs blocked.

Blocking will take your work from “meh” to “SHAZAM!”

It will open up your stitching, given a more even, polished and professional look to your piece and just improve the look of your item in general.

What is blocking?

There are several methods. My favorite and the one I show you today is to simply soak your item in lukewarm water, press the water out and pin into shape to […]

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How to Change Colors in Knitting or Crocheting

I get asked this question a LOT….

“Chandi, how do I change colors in my knitting (crocheting)?”

It’s so easy.

Knitting is super simple as you just drop the old color and pick up the new. I do give some tips on whether to cut your ends or pull them up the side.

And with crocheting, you just have one little trick to remember.

So have a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you want to see my future videos, you can subscribe to my channel. But only if you wanna. Ha ha!

Hope you enjoy it. We […]

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How to EASILY Work Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off

If you’ve been knitting awhile, you may have experienced what all knitters go through at some point or another. You spend weeks making a gorgeous item, cast off, only to find that the edging is TOO TIGHT!

You can banish this problem foreverrrr – errrr – errr – err – er…

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off will fix this problem for you and all your edges will be SUPPPAH strettttchy.

My boo and I created this video for you (he filmed/edited and I just sat there) to demonstrate just how awesome this technique is!

In this video, I assume you […]

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How to Dye a Gradient/Ombre Scarf or Shawl


How to Make a Gradient Dip-Dyed Shawl, Scarf or Wrap

how to gradient dip dye a shawl or scarf

how to dip dye a gradient shawl

I have been wanting to show you this since Christmas, as it was a present I made for my mom. But you know how time can just get away from you and things get pushed to the back burner.

Well, no more! I love this gradient shawl so much that I had to stop everything today and finally get a […]

A Finished Gap-Tastic Cowl

So I just realized I haven’t officially shown you the Gap-tastic Cowl I finished knitting!

I was away on vacation to Portland and Seattle and the final post for this pattern and the Simplest Sweater I made, just didn’t happen. So I’ll be doing both of those for you!

Up first, though, is this GORGEOUS Gap-tastic Cowl!

PATTERN: GAP-tastic on Ravelry

YARN: My Superwash Merino Wool in Worsted Weight, colorway Butterscotch (sold out) – 3 skeins, yarn held double to create a bulky weight.


Thoughts: SO easy. This was the simplest pattern!

A beginner could totally do it.

A Finished Broomstick Lace Cami

Something wasn’t right.

I had just tried on my almost-finished Cowl Cami I’d been making and something felt “off.”

It sagged weirdly in the front but when I turned around, it looked lopsided in the back.

I couldn’t quite make sense of it.

And then I saw it. One of the straps was longer than the other. “What?!” I cried in despair.

“How could this be?”

Well, I’ll tell you how this could be. I miscounted the stitches at the beginning of the pattern, that’s what.

Such a beautiful, well-written pattern, with loads of helpful photos and links to videos and I STILL messed up. Egad.

I debated […]

How to Steam Block a Knitted or Crocheted Scarf (or Shawl)

I am a. HUGE. fan of blocking your finished items.

They can go from crumpled up blobs of weirdness to amazing, professional, eye-popping wowness, just by blocking.

I’ve done some posts before on how to block hats and how to wet block shawls, but today is about steam blocking!

It’s so simple. You’re gonna love it.

You can use this technique any time, but it’s especially great for those times when you’ve finished something and want to wear it immediately!¬†That’s usually how it goes with me. HA!

I really love it for wool… it will work for most natural (animal or […]

How to Block a Knitted or Crocheted Shawl

How To Block A Knitted or Crocheted Shawl

If you’ve ever knitted or crocheted a shawl, you may have noticed it needs a little help after completion.

As I showed in the last post, I finished crocheting the lovely Neptune’s Tears crocheted shawl pattern.

But, as you can see, right when I finished, it looked like this:





Lovely, but wrinkly.

So what’s a crafter to do?

I’ll tell ya! Blocking. Blocking is the process of using water or steam to shape and set your garment. You might be familiar with blocking […]

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An Easy Way to Block A Knitted Hat

I’ve always wondered how to block a hat. You knit this gorgeous creation and want it to be finished “just so” and yet, how do you block a rounded object?

Well, for starters, just in case you’re wondering, “blocking” is the process of wetting your knitted or crocheted object and then placing it into position to dry. It’s really an excellent technique for animal fibers or plant fibers, but doesn’t work on acrylics or other synthetics.

Some options including laying your hat flat on the ground or for a beret-style hat, stretching it around a dinner plate.

But! I came up […]

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