Squiggles Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

If this isn’t one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is!

how to crochet this adorable Squiggles Baby Blanket Pattern

It features gorgeous little squiggles that’ll surely result in loads of giggles!

how to crochet this adorable Squiggles Baby Blanket Pattern

A fun scalloped edge in beautiful colors adds to the fun and interest of the pattern.

how to crochet this adorable Squiggles Baby Blanket Pattern

The size is great to carry the little one into toddler […]

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How to Knit a 4-in-1 Ponytail / Messy Bun Hat! EASY and QUICK.

Hello, my lovelies!
It’s time to learn to knit this EASY and QUICK 4-in-1 hat/cowl pattern.
1. Wear it like a COWL.
2. Wear it cinched up at the top for a BEANIE.
3. Shove it back on your head for more of a SLOUCH hat.
4. Open up the hole and poke your ponytail or messy bun through it.

Super cool!

To get started, follow along in the video. You can whip this out in an evening. It would make a great gift. Have fun!


All yarn, patterns, etc can be found on my site here:


Have a great day!

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Spring Carnival Knitted Shawl Pattern

I’m so in love with this soft and draping Spring Carnival Shawl!  It’s a popular asymmetrical shape that is wonderful for most skill levels of knitting! Definitely give this one a whirl!Spring Carnival Knitted Shawl Pattern by Expression Fiber Arts

Check out those gorgeous stripes and texture changes. You won’t get bored knitting this little beauty.

It was designed for us by Emily Walton.

Spring Carnival Knitted Shawl Pattern by Expression Fiber Arts

Wear this like a scarf scrunched around your neck or draped loosely […]

Peacock Path Crochet Shawl Pattern

Hey, lovies.

A new pattern for you by yours truly. This little beauty just… happened.

I was wandering through my yarn room one day and these various shades just popped out at me and told me to make them into something. So. I did!

I didn’t have any idea what it would look like when finished, so it just emerged as I went and here it is!

The colors are very peacock-like so I am calling it: The Peacock Path Crochet Shawl.

Peacock Path crochet shawl pattern

Although, if you look at the purple section, it resembles little […]

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Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern

If you’re up for a challenge, you simply must try this new Hello, Houndstooth pattern!

This pattern just keeps growing and growing on me and I dearly love it.

First of all, the color options are endless. And second of all, the design is mesmerizing!

It’s knit as a tube and then the ends are sealed up with fringe. Quite the treat.

Have a look:

Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern

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Date Night Wrap – Crochet Pattern

WHOA! First of all, welcome.

Second of all, look at this stunning pattern!

I admit, it’s so gorgeous that it makes me gasp.

Do I even need to say any words here?

Take a look:

date-night-wrap-crochet-shawl-pattern-lookbook 1

I love how it looks very chevron, but still airy and light.

how to crochet this Date Night Wrap - Shawl Pattern

The yarn is 4 skeins of our Alpaca Silk Dk in colorway: June Purple (3.5 oz each / 230 yards – […]

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Della Shawl – Knitted Pattern

A new beautiful crescent shaped shawl pattern for you today!

Introducing the DELLA SHAWL.

This is a gorgeous design using 3 skeins of our Resilient Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in colorway: Vintage Charm.

I love this pattern because you can use all those wild and crazy sock yarn shades you have laying around. The design is simple enough to handle variegated or speckled or tonal shades. AH! I can’t wait to see your version!

how to knit the Della Shawl Knitted Pattern

Also, the pattern is reversible… Which makes it even cooler. […]

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Snowflake Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl Pattern

We have a fun design for you today! Introducing the Snowflake Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl pattern.

This is a triangle shape that can be worn in sooooo many ways. LOVE IT! Versatile patterns are always among my favorites. I hope you love this one.

It was designed for us by Kristina Smiley.

Another thing to love about this pattern is that it’s simple enough that you can use a solid color yarn as shown or opt for a wild and funky colorway. Or do stripes! Go cwazy with it!

how to crochet this snowflake asymmetrical shawl [...]</p srcset=

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