The Traveler Hat and Mitten Set – Crochet Pattern

A new pattern for you, lovelies!

Crochet this time. Stay tuned for a knit version or see our other patterns here if you don’t crochet.

This is an adorable slouch or beanie hat, depending on how you wear it. And a set of flip-top mittens. Even the little thumb flips back. Such a cutie it is. the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-3

These were designed for us by Kristina Smiley and I must say, I’m so impressed. Her designs are just beautiful and so well-thought out.

This pattern has been […]

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Cozy Season Shawl Crochet Pattern

Snuggly. Cozy. Comfy.

•An intermediate pattern for those comfortable with crochet. If you’re familiar with following patterns, you’ll be fine. 

cozy season crochet shawl pattern

•This is a large rectangle wrap you can wear to snuggle with on the couch or when headed to the movies.

cozy season crochet shawl pattern

•Guessing at the exact amount of yardage isn’t necessary because the pattern repeats. So you can stop at multiple points and be fine. 

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Hoover Dam Crochet Shawl Pattern

Radiant. Shimmering. Elegant.

I think you’re going to love this pattern.

It was designed for us by Kristina Smiley. I commissioned a pattern based on any famous structure and she came up with this stunner.

how to crochet this Hoover Dam Crochet Shawl Pattern

It’s intermediate level so as long as you’re comfortable with crochet and crochet patterns, you will be fine.

how to crochet this Hoover Dam Crochet Shawl Pattern

This is wonderful for wearing to a fancy dinner with friends! Or staying at home and drinking […]

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Stingray Crochet Wrap Pattern

When life is difficult enough and you just want something soothing and easy, try this pattern.

  • The design itself is quite straight-forward and easy to follow
  • Mainly double crochets and chains
  • A funky stingray shape allows you to wear this in a variety of ways. No getting bored with this piece!
  • You can make it with a single strand of worsted, heavy worsted or aran weight yarn.
  • OR
  • Do like I did and hold lace weight yarn quadruple. This is how I got the gradient look. Yep.
  • You just need 2 skeins of my Yak Silk Lace weight […]
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Prana Crochet Yoga Sock Pattern!

Another pattern for ya, my lovely!

Prana Crochet Yoga Socks.

These are AWESOME! So cozy!

They have a knit-look sole and a shell ankle section.

Great for all those yoga sessions. Or just lounging on the couch eating ice cream, pretending you want to do yoga.

Or for home pedicures. Or whatever!

Prana crochet yoga sock pattern Prana crochet yoga sock pattern Prana crochet yoga sock pattern how to crochet yoga socks

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Whiffle Crochet Scarf Pattern

Hello, love!

Glad you popped in for a bit.

How’re things? Good good.

Today’s news consists of this little beauty:

The Whiffle Crochet Scarf Pattern.

Whiffle means to:

“blow lightly in a specified direction”


“the slight movement of air or the sound of such a movement”

I wanted this shimmering and soft scarf to whiffle… to dance. To flow. To cascade. Waterfall would have been a good name for it too. It really looks like a towering, flowing gush of water down an obliging mountainside.

We’ll imagine it as a sweep of air blowing fresh new things into your life.

Whiffle Crochet Scarf [...]</p srcset=

How to Crochet Barefoot Sandals – Video Tutorial!

Hello, my sweets!!

Welcome to another video.

This pattern has long been one of my most popular blog posts so we decided to make a video for you. Woo hoo!

Easy peasy pudding and pie.

You can whip these out in about 10 minutes or so. For realllll.

It’s true.

Hey, have a great day and if you want the written version, get that here.

Post below with what videos you want to see in the future!

Bye now!

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Shimmering Shells Crocheted Lace Beach Tunic Pattern

A beautiful beach tunic pattern for you!

This resembles little shells and just shimmers and shines like the sun.

shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

You can adjust the length. You can change the width. Woop! This sample is 99″ x 33.” Whoa! On my barely-over 5 foot frame, it’s magnifico!!shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

You’ll need 1360 yards of lace weight yarn. We used Yak Silk Lace in colorway Rice Paper. (2 skeins)shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

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Flutterby Barefoot Crochet Sandals Pattern

A new crochet pattern for you: Flutterby Barefoot Sandals.

First of all, what in the hay are barefoot sandals?

These are cool for wearing to the beach or a festival but also awesome to give to a bride on her special day. After she’s worn her fancy heels for the ceremony, these are awesome to slip on for the reception and dancing! Still beautiful but oh so comfortable.

how to crochet these "flutterby" crochet barefoot sandals

The pattern is fairly straightforward (intermediate level) and resembles a butterfly.

They’ll fit a variety of foot sizes and […]

Stream of Consciousness Capelet – Crochet Pattern

Ohhhh can I tell you how much I adore this thing?

  1. I got a whim up my drawers to design something new.
  2. I grabbed yarn and started what I thought was going to be a triangle shawl.
  3. It morphed from being a triangle to a blob to what looked like a squashed alien gramma and then to a butterfly and then… this. BOOM.

It really was like a stream of consciousness just emerging as it wanted to. Thanks to my friend, Susan for coming up with the name!

stream of consciousness capelet crochet pattern by Expression Fiber [...]</p><noscript><img class=

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