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Hi, I'm Chandi! I'm a self-professed lover of all things yarn. I'm an avid knitter, crocheter, wool dyer, fleece and roving spinner and occasional felter! I offer beautiful, inspiring, hand-painted yarns and deliver the best of all yarn-related tutorials I can on my blog.

Novello Knitted Shawl Pattern

Hello, fabulous fiber friend! We have a beautiful new shawl pattern for you today. Introducing the Novello Shawl by Emily Walton:Novello shawl - knitted pattern by expression fiber arts

Radiant, undulating waves in 2 contrasting colors. We used our Pearlescent Worsted weight yarn (2 skeins of Mermaid Harbor and 1 skein of Sterling Silver).
Novello shawl - knitted pattern by expression fiber arts

Don’t you love how it drapes over and hugs the shoulders? It’s comfy and yet […]

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How to Crochet the Puff Stitch!

Hey, lovely! Are you ready to learn how to crochet a puff stitch?

Look no further. It’s rather simple as you can see and it makes for some really fun patterns.

I’ll hush for a minute so you can watch the video tutorial now.

I like to refer to this as a double crochet puff stitch… you can pull the loops up higher to the height of a triple crochet and then you’ll have a triple crochet puff stitch!

This stitch can be worked with any yarn and hook […]

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Exodus Cowl – Free Knitted Pattern!

Are you in need of a quick, last minute gift?
Or perhaps just a mindless, fun knit to take your mind off life?

Introducing the Exodus Cowl knitted pattern by Emily Walton. You can download it for free by adding to your cart here and completing checkout. You’ll be shown the download link.

Exodus Cowl Knitting Pattern by expression fiber arts

A Fun and Speedy Knit!

•Named after a Battlestar Galactica marathon, but you don’t have to flee the solar system or battle Cylons to wear this cozy cowl!

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How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Ornament

Welcome to the blog!

We have a cute crochet Christmas tree ornament pattern for you today!

You’ll need fingering weight yarn and a size US F hook. Or really, any size yarn and hook you desire.

This was designed by Kristina Smiley for us so thanks to her for the awesome design.

If you want this pattern in written format so you can easily refer back to it, just download the PDF here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. It’s free. You’ll then be shown the download link immediately.

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Warm and Toasty Crochet Mitten Pattern – 3 sizes! Child-Adult

Hello, beautiful soul!

Welcome to the blog. We have a new pattern for you today. Squee!

If you love to crochet and you love speedy, gorgeous patterns that make great gifts… well, you are in luck.

You can download this PDF pattern HERE by adding your cart and completing checkout. No charge, as it is completely free.

Warm and Toasty Crochet Mitten Pattern - 3 sizes - child - adult

For each of the 2 larger sizes, this pattern uses 2 skeins of our Resilient Sock Yarn in colorway: Firekissed. […]

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November December 2017 Yarn Giveaway!

Eek ! I am late getting this month’s giveaway up for you! So I am going to extend this giveaway until the end of the year. Yay!! You have until December 31 to get entered for a chance to win all this loot ! Check out all this beautiful hand-dyed yarn lusciousness!

A few notes…

-Barbara Levy won last month’s giveaway. Congrats, Barbara!

-Worldwide entries welcome

-Winner will be chosen mid-January and announced in our next giveaway then

-To enter, just use Rafflecopter below and then comment on this blog post telling me what you love most about this time of year!

-Don’t forget to click […]

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How to Crochet a Christmas Snowflake Ornament – Video + Written

Hello, my lovely. My previous crochet snowflake video was so popular that we decided to make another! Woop!

This one is pretty straight-forward. You can use any size yarn and needle, but this one used a US Size F hook and our Pearlescent Fingering weight yarn in colorway, Eggshell.

Make one to two dozen to hang on your tree this holiday season! You’ll only need about 15 yards per ornament.

You can also download the written version of this pattern here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. It’s free!

Alright, enjoy this precious day!

If you make […]

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How to Crochet a Christmas Candy Cane Ornament! + Video

Hellloo and welcome!

Are you on the search for a candy cane ornament pattern? Well, look no further.

You can watch step-by-step as I show you how in the video.

And if you prefer a written version, that can be downloaded here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. No charge! It’s free.

You’ll need:

Size US F hook (3.75 mm)

Fingering weight yarn.

I used about 6 yards of the red and 10 yards of the white. Colors are January Garnet and Eggshell, both on our lustrous and popular Pearlescent Fingering weight yarn. Colors come and go often so any […]

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Free Sona Cabled Crocheted Hat Pattern – 2 Sizes!

Hello, fellow crocheter! Welcome to the blog, I say. Welcome!

We have for you today a fabulous little hat pattern that comes in 2 adult sizes! These make amazing and easy gifts or just whip one up for yourself.

This pattern is designed for use with 1 skein of our Dewy Dk yarn in colorway: SOLITUDE. Choose any color you like, though. 1 skein is needed per hat. If making both sizes, you’ll need 2 skeins.

SOLITUDE - superwash dewy dk yarn by expression fiber arts


HOOK: You’ll need a US […]

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Barristan Beanie – Free Unisex Knitted Hat Pattern

Hello, my lovely!

Welcome to the blog and thanks for stopping by.

We have a new hat pattern for you! Check out this awesome, free, unisex cabled hat pattern that fits nearly all adults (it’s super stretchy), using just one skein of CashSilk Sock yarn. Introducing the Barristan Beanie.

This pattern is designed for use with skein of our dreamy CashSilk sock yarn in colorway: Still of the Night. Choose any colorway you like, though. You can also substitute any fingering weight yarn you like (our Resilient sock yarn for example), […]

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