Peacock Path Crochet Shawl Pattern

Hey, lovies.

A new pattern for you by yours truly. This little beauty just… happened.

I was wandering through my yarn room one day and these various shades just popped out at me and told me to make them into something. So. I did!

I didn’t have any idea what it would look like when finished, so it just emerged as I went and here it is!

The colors are very peacock-like so I am calling it: The Peacock Path Crochet Shawl.

Peacock Path crochet shawl pattern

Although, if you look at the purple section, it resembles little […]

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Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern

If you’re up for a challenge, you simply must try this new Hello, Houndstooth pattern!

This pattern just keeps growing and growing on me and I dearly love it.

First of all, the color options are endless. And second of all, the design is mesmerizing!

It’s knit as a tube and then the ends are sealed up with fringe. Quite the treat.

Have a look:

Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern Hello, Houndstooth Knitted Scarf Pattern

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How to Start and Build an Online Business You Love – Part 3 of 3

This is part 3 out of 3 blog posts I’m writing, designed to inspire you to finally start and grow that online business you’ve been dreaming about.

If you missed Part 1, start with that here.  It’s all about the initial phases of business, why you want to start one and how to find what to sell.

Part 2 is here and is about getting started, setting your vision and taking daily action. I also answer a lot of questions that you might be asking yourself about. You might be having a lot of fears. We all do. […]

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