How to Start and Build an Online Business You Love – Part 1 of 3


Thank you for joining me today. Grab a cuppa something cozy and let’s chat.

First of all, you’re here because in some way you’re interested in starting and/or growing your own business so that you can live the life that you love. Whatever that means for you… more time with family. More freedom. More money. A sense of achievement.

Let me start by introducing myself in case you’re new here. My name is Chandi Agee, owner of Expression Fiber Arts, a positive twist on yarn. I’ve been running online businesses since I was 21 (previous business was cosmetics and skin care) and can […]

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Snowflake Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl Pattern

We have a fun design for you today! Introducing the Snowflake Asymmetrical Crochet Shawl pattern.

This is a triangle shape that can be worn in sooooo many ways. LOVE IT! Versatile patterns are always among my favorites. I hope you love this one.

It was designed for us by Kristina Smiley.

Another thing to love about this pattern is that it’s simple enough that you can use a solid color yarn as shown or opt for a wild and funky colorway. Or do stripes! Go cwazy with it!

how to crochet this snowflake asymmetrical shawl [...]</p srcset=

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Mackin Mitts – Fingerless Mitten Knitted Pattern

A beautiful 2-color fairisle pair of fingerless mitts! Aren’t they gorgeous?

You can download the pattern here.

First of all, these were designed by the talented Emily Walton. Love her stuff! Thrilled to be working with her on this year’s knitted pattern designs.

how to knit these fairisle Mackin Mitts - fingerless mitten pattern how to knit these fairisle Mackin Mitts - fingerless mitten pattern how to knit these fairisle Mackin Mitts - fingerless mitten pattern

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Free Winter Wonderland Crochet Hat Pattern

It’s time for a beautiful crochet hat pattern! And it’s free too. Can’t beat that!

The Winter Wonderland hat designed by Kristina Smiley is available here for you.

how to crochet this Winter Wonderland hat pattern how to crochet this Winter Wonderland hat pattern

A simple, yet stylish pattern using 2 colors of our Alpaca Silk Dk weight yarn. One skein each of colorways: Icing and First Frost.

You can whip this one up in an evening if you need a last […]

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Beloved Stars Knitted Shawl Pattern

We have a gorgeous new shawl pattern for you!

Introducing the Beloved Stars Knitted Shawl Pattern.

This one is for the knitters, but crocheters, we have patterns for you as well, so check out this link for what’s new.

Now, back to bidness.

This little lovely is designed by the amazingly talented, gorgeous and wonderful, Emily Walton (moonangel58 on

•We wanted to go with soft, dreamy, icy shades for our January patterns this year, so the yarn is 5 skeins of our Luster Merino Tencel Worsted Weight yarn in colorway: Angel Whisper.

•Can we talk about the name? […]

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Resolutions not working? Feeling lost? Try this.

Have you ever set a goal, determined you were going to make it work this time no matter what and then… life got in the way and it never happened?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight and a few weeks into going to the gym, you get sick and skip a week and then… never go back.

Maybe you want to read more books this year or start a business or change jobs or do more community work… and then… life.

And then usually, you feel like a failure. You’re disappointed in yourself. You determine that you’ll try again next week. You’ll start […]

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January / February 2017 Expression Fiber Arts $1000 Yarn Giveaway

Hello, hello and welcome to another fabbbbulous, HUGE and very exciting yarn giveaway.

This isn’t just any yarn. Oh no. This is a monstrous, delicious, radiating pile of hand-dyed beauty.

There is yak silk lace weight. We’ve got squishy Resilient superwash merino wool sock yarn. There is Dewy dk weight and Pearlescent worsted and lots of fingering Pearlescent yarn (50/50 superwash merino wool and mulberry silk at a whopping 550 yards each).

We’re talking loads of drools here. LOVE love love.

I cannot wait to find out who the winner is and send that email saying: YOU WON!

So now, take a look, gasp a little, […]

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