Whiffle Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Today’s news consists of this little beauty:

The Whiffle Crochet Scarf Pattern.

Whiffle means to:

“blow lightly in a specified direction”


“the slight movement of air or the sound of such a movement”

I wanted this shimmering and soft scarf to whiffle… to dance. To flow. To cascade. Waterfall would have been a good name for it too. It really looks like a towering, flowing gush of water down an obliging mountainside.

We’ll imagine it as a sweep of air blowing fresh new things into your life.

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July – August 2016 Expression Fiber Arts $1000 Yarn Giveaway

It’s time my friends, for a $1000 yarn giveaway.




I said it and I’ll say it again, $1000 yarn giveaway!

We’ve got yak silk lace yarns. Pure silk sport weight. Yak bamboo sport weight. Shimmering cashmere/silk fingering weight. Silk lace. Sock yarn! LAWD, have mercy!

Let’s have a look:

$1000 Yarn Giveaway by Expression Fiber Arts - July - August 2016 - Enter now!

$1000 Yarn Giveaway by Expression Fiber Arts - July - August 2016 - Enter now!

$1000 Yarn Giveaway by Expression Fiber [...]</p srcset=

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Stola Farfalla – Beaded Knit Shawl Pattern

Let’s all oohhh and ahhh over this wonder… this beauty!

This is a collaboration with Rahymah on Ravelry.

She designed and knitted it using 2 skeins of our Yak Silk Lace yarn in colorway: Persephone.

It’s beyond gorgeous. Beyond.

The hubby and I took it to the beach and did some photos for you, along with this video. I hope you enjoy!

stola farfalla beaded knitted shawl pattern

stola farfalla beaded knitted shawl pattern

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In case you’ve forgotten…

Well, hello there!

I’m so glad you popped in for a visit.

You may have forgotten something really, really important. I forget it sometimes. We all do.

Have you ever felt directionless? Blah? Not sure where your life is going to go from this point?

Which road should you take? How do you know where to jump and when to keep your feet planted?

Are you even needed on this planet? Do you have a gift you can offer the world?

Are you worth anything? Do you even matter?

Have you seen all the successful people online and thought… “Wow. What am I doing wrong? They have a […]

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Candyspun Knitted Shawl Pattern

candyspun knitted shawl pattern
I was sitting at our dining room table exhausted, my head in my hands.

Another week had rolled around. And I needed to design another pattern for the shop.

Let me start by saying… I love pattern designing. It’s a very rewarding¬†creative outlet for me. LOVE it.


There comes a time in every business owner’s life when you realize… you can’t do it all. LOL! What?!

So I reached out on Facebook for pattern designers wanting to collaborate.

And sweet goodness, replies came in! Glorious!

One of the designers had been test knitting […]

Asana Knitted Yoga Sock Pattern

It’s time for another new pattern, lovelies.

When dreaming up what patterns we wanted to offer you this summer, socks came to mind.

I know socks can be intimidating for newbs, so I thought a toe-less, heel-less version would be awesome!

These are great for learning how to make socks and then you can merge into the heels and toes later. Whew. Relief!

But even if you’re an expert, hopefully you’ll enjoy making them as well.

free knitting pattern - knitted asana yoga socks !

I’m not sure why I seem to be falling asleep in this photo, […]

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Free Pattern – Wanderer Knitted Barefoot Sandals

A simple and artsy pattern for the wanderers… the searchers…those who travel through this world looking for their place in it.

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

These have a natural, bohemian feel to them!

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

Simple lace work makes for quick and easy knitting. You can whip these out last-minute if need be!