How to Crochet Barefoot Sandals – Video Tutorial!

Hello, my sweets!!

Welcome to another video.

This pattern has long been one of my most popular blog posts so we decided to make a video for you. Woo hoo!

Easy peasy pudding and pie.

You can whip these out in about 10 minutes or so. For realllll.

It’s true.

Hey, have a great day and if you want the written version, get that here.

Post below with what videos you want to see in the future!

Bye now!

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Shimmering Shells Crocheted Lace Beach Tunic Pattern

A beautiful beach tunic pattern for you!

This resembles little shells and just shimmers and shines like the sun.

shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

You can adjust the length. You can change the width. Woop! This sample is 99″ x 33.” Whoa! On my barely-over 5 foot frame, it’s magnifico!!shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

You’ll need 1360 yards of lace weight yarn. We used Yak Silk Lace in colorway Rice Paper. (2 skeins)shimmering shells beach tunic crochet pattern

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Flutterby Barefoot Crochet Sandals Pattern

A new crochet pattern for you: Flutterby Barefoot Sandals.

First of all, what in the hay are barefoot sandals?

These are cool for wearing to the beach or a festival but also awesome to give to a bride on her special day. After she’s worn her fancy heels for the ceremony, these are awesome to slip on for the reception and dancing! Still beautiful but oh so comfortable.

how to crochet these "flutterby" crochet barefoot sandals

The pattern is fairly straightforward (intermediate level) and resembles a butterfly.

They’ll fit a variety of foot sizes and […]

Shifting Sands Knitted Beach Tunic Pattern

A gorgeous new tunic pattern for you!

Isn’t it dreamy? The dropped stitches look fantastic (like sand shifting on the beach) and makeĀ for quick work. As you drop the stitches, your piece expands and opens up, so you will finish this faster than you think.

Shifting Sands Knitted Beach Tunic Pattern by Expression Fiber Arts

Grab your sunglasses, flip flops and SPF lip balm and you’ll be all set for a day on the beach.

This gives a smidgen of coverage without being too heavy or hot.

It uses 4 skeins (395 yards each) of

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