How to Crochet a Beanie – for Beginners

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How are ya today? Ready to learn how to crochet a hat? Well, let’s get started!

You’ll need 4 oz of Dk weight yarn ( I used 1 skein of my Dewy Dk in Sparkling Star)
A size US G hook
Tape measure


Grab the kit for this at

Learn How to Crochet a Beanie Hat for Beginners

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You can make a hat for gals, guys, babies, toddlers, you name it. I show you how to adjust the […]

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Free Pattern! Bridgette Crochet Boot Toppers

Here is a great pattern for using up leftover tidbits of sock yarn.

You only need a wee bit of yarn, about 150 yards total.

Expression Fiber Arts Free Bridgette Boot Toppers Crochet Pattern - download now!

These are shown in my Neptune  – Resilient sock yarn. This yarn is always a favorite. Squishy, long-wearing, soft (100% superwash merino wool, baby) and this color… gasp!!

Seriously, though, these would look AWESOME in a variegated yarn. Go wild and nutsy with these. They are a tiny project and only a peep shows above […]

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February – March 2016 Expression Fiber Arts Yarn Giveaway!

Helloooo!!! What is UP UP UP?

  1. The hubs and I put together a gorgeous giveaway package for you this month. Take a peek.
  2. Make sure to get entered before you forget! XOXO

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How to Read Crochet Patterns

Learn how to finally read crochet patterns so you can whip out gorgeous scarves and sweaters and blankets and ‘you name it’ all day long!

I’ll show you how to read the pattern for this infinity scarf and I walk you through all the steps.

Have a watch:


Download this pattern here.

Get other patterns here.

Get this yarn here in various colors.
This is my squishy, plump and beloved Dewy Dk. A mix of superwash merino wool, nylon and silk. Ideal for beginners and great for everything from blankets and sweaters to guy or gal […]

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Cabled Coffee Lovers Knitted Cowl Pattern

“Can we GO yet?”

Every time we’d go out to eat, my parents would inevitably sit and sip their coffee for ages afterward.

They were both avid coffee drinkers. I, at the young age of 10, just didn’t get it. Ewww. It was bitter and nasty!

A morning didn’t go by without the pot brewing, filling the house with that delicious smell. Funny how coffee smells good even to those who hate the taste.

I don’t remember how I started drinking coffee as an adult. But once I discovered you could put milk into it and it turned into a miraculously tasty treat, I was hooked.

During […]

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My Secret to Knitting Ribbing

When you’re first learning to knit, it’s hard enough to figure out the knit stitch. And then you have to learn the purl stitch. Whoa. Crazy little goober that it is.

But to combine the stitches and work ribbing…You have to remember when the yarn is in the front, when it’s in the back, when to work the knit stitch, when to work the purl stitch. Oh my gawddd… when does the craziness end?

I remember when I first learned to knit and that this particular thing (ribbing in general) just befuddled me.

So over the years I realized the super easy secret […]

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Turn Your Favorite Words and Phrases Into Yarn!

I had an idea!

Here’s what I’m needing from you.

COMMENT below and let me know:

  • Your favorite word (or many!)
  • A phrase you adore (something I can use and not be infringing on any trademarks, etc.)
  • Include the colors you think would match up with that word or phrase

And then I will do my best to make them happen. Can’t make any promises, but I am really hoping to do a bunch of them for you!

I also can’t guarantee it’ll perfectly match what you envision, but hey. It’ll be fun.

As an example, check out this MAKE A SPLASH colorway, designed to help you […]

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